Fans to get interactive role in new LMP1 project

Fans to get interactive role in new LMP1 project

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Fans to get interactive role in new LMP1 project


Fledgling British constructor Perrinn Limited is planning to give race fans the chance to play a part in key decisions about its all-new LMP1 project.


The company intends to launch an interactive open-source website under the myTeam banner that will give the public full access to the blueprints of its design and allow followers of its proposed World Endurance Championship team a role in everything from driver choice to race strategy.


Fans will also be able to listen in to the team’s radio communications and follows the cars via their on-board cameras during events.


Nicolas Perrin, who announced plans for his car May last year, said: “We could imagine that schools and universities will want to interact and do their own analysis, and they might suggest their own solutions, which we will be free to accept or not.


“If you are in the grandstand with a smartphone, you will be able to see the same strategy panel that we are looking at in the pits and make your own suggestions.”




Perrin has come up with the idea in an effort to ensure that his design, which has now been named myLMP1, reaches the grid after his failure to sell any cars to customers.


“I came to the conclusion after three years of trying to get our car out there in the traditional way that we had to change our strategy to meet our objectives,” he explained. “It’s fine if people want to call this a gimmick, but it is our way to sell sponsorship.


“We are not an established brand, so we have to do something different. I do believe it will allow us to achieve our targets.”


Those targets include building and testing the car, which is already fully designed, this year ahead of a two-car WEC entry in 2015.


Perrin explained that he had yet to agree an engine deal for the car and that the budget would likely determine the choice.


The Perrinn plan differs from other open source ideas such as myF1team, which lodged a Formula 1 entry for the 2010 season. They funded their plans through public subscription, whereas myTeam will be free.


Details of myTeam are available at