GP3 tries overtaking solutions

GP3 tries overtaking solutions

Formula 3

GP3 tries overtaking solutions


The GP3 Series continued work on trying to boost passing in the formula, completing a test with the 2014 development car at the Yas Marina circuit.

Last year’s champion Mitch Evans was the man in charge of driving duties, covering 115 laps of the track as he assessed different solutions to try to make passing easier next season.

Evans first ran last Thursday and he covered another two days of tire testing on Saturday and Sunday.

“The focus was to increase the front mechanical grip. The target for 2014 would be to allow GP3 drivers to be more aggressive in corner entry and to facilitate braking and overtaking,” said the series’ technical boss Didier Perrin. “We tested a slightly modified front wing that would minimize the downforce loss of a car following another in the tow.

“The target was that straight after a corner, the driver could find it less difficult to stay in the ‘dirty air’ and find it easier to be within a close proximity of another car. The data collected confirmed this in principle.

“We are still working on different possibilities and ideas for the 2014 season, as we’ve not yet decided which direction we will take.”

Evans added: “It’s not that easy to take a tow on demand. However, it’s always fantastic for a driver to undertake tire testing, as a race driver we really enjoy doing short runs on different tires. It was a very valuable experience for me and GP3.”

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