Williams gets big fine for wheel issue

Williams gets big fine for wheel issue

Formula 1

Williams gets big fine for wheel issue


Williams has been fined 60,000 euros [$83,000] for a front wheel fastener coming off Pastor Maldonado’s car during second free practice for the Indian Grand Prix.

After having been punished in Japan for a similar offense, the race stewards at the Buddh circuit deemed that another hefty punishment was merited.

Following an examination of the evidence, it was discovered that the right-front wheel fastener had been cross-threaded at a pit stop, and therefore had not engaged the primary retaining plunger. As well as this being officially an unsafe release, the fact that the car’s secondary retaining plunger failed to keep the wheel fastener in place was another breach of the rules.

With Williams having promised to fix its wheel problems after Japan, the stewards felt that a penalty was sanctioned, but it was noted that unlike at Suzuka, the wheel had stayed on the car this time.

A statement issued by the FIA said: “The stewards noted that in this case the wheel had been retained on the car (unlike the similar incident in Suzuka two weeks ago) and that the cross threading of the wheel fastener contributed to the fastener coming off the car. While the stewards accept that improvements to the wheel retaining system had been implemented, the team need to ensure that both the wheel and its fastener are fully retained on the car.”

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