Adam Carolla making Paul Newman racing documentary

Adam Carolla making Paul Newman racing documentary


Adam Carolla making Paul Newman racing documentary


Comedian Adam Carolla (LEFT) has bought numerous vintage racing cars from the Bob Sharp Racing stable, most of which belonged to the late Paul Newman, and with his burgeoning media business on the rise, Carolla has now turned his attention to celebrating the actor’s life behind the steering wheel.
?I decided somebody’s got to make a documentary about Paul Newman, the racecar driver with little to no acting involved, just racing,? Carolla told RACER. ?And I thought, ‘Well, why not the guy who has five of his cars? OK, let’s do it.’ So I started doing a documentary on Paul Newman, the racecar driver.?
Carolla has become a fixture in the vintage racing scene with his array of ex-Newman racing cars, and with a newfound appreciation for the skill Newman (RIGHT) demonstrated on the track and as a team owner, telling the tale of PLN’s passion for motor sports was a natural progression.

?I’m going to start at the start and finish at the finish like we do in the race,? Carolla continued. ?We’re going to start with Bob Sharp in the Datsun 510s and start at the beginning and get to the Indy team stuff at the end and cover everything in between.?
At the current rate of progress, Carolla’s Newman documentary could be completed prior to the start of the next racing season.

?We’re working on it now,? he said. ?We’ve sat down with a few people who know Paul and we’re going to just keep going. It’s coming along nicely we’re just kind of pecking away at it. I imagine it will be done in a couple of months, I don’t know when it’s coming out, what we’re doing with it, who’s going to distribute it or any of that. I just know theoretically we should be done in several months. Then we have to figure out what to do with it.?
With his Newman documentary closing in on completion, RACER asked Carolla if he’d turn his attention to a lesser known actor/driver for his next film project?possibly Lorenzo Lamas?

?You’re reading my mind?? he said in his patented wry tone.
Combined with Patrick Dempsey’s ?Racing Le Mans? documentary and Ron Howard’s feature ?Rush,? Carolla’s Newman project would add to a recent spike in racing-themed film projects.

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