Big numbers illustrate explosive growth for RACER,

Big numbers illustrate explosive growth for RACER,


Big numbers illustrate explosive growth for RACER,



As we put the finishing touches on the latest issue of RACER Magazine the Business & Technology Issue it’s worth noting that RACER itself, as well as> , are in the midst of a period of unprecedented growth on a number of fronts.

“Despite well-publicized industry trends, the print edition of RACER continues to grow,” notes RACER founder, President & Executive Publisher Paul Pfanner. “Since the launch of the new RACER in April 2012, circulation has increased more than 30 percent to just over 20,000 and it continues to increase with a strong renewal rate over 72 percent. This reversed years of decline under the prior ownership. But an equally compelling story is>, which has shown explosive growth over the same time period.”

Through the month of September 2013,>  boasted the following readership numbers:

  • Page views: 1,535,078 up 225%
  • Unique Visitors: 231,355 up 132%
  • Avg. Time Spent on Site: 7.31 up 41%

RACER‘s social network reach is also up dramatically:

  • Facebook Likes: 37,037 up 1,147%
  • Engaged monthly users: 79,630 up 4,432%
  • Monthly post impressions: 2,735,127 up 2,665%
  • Twitter Followers: 13,670 up 193%

“These numbers prove that the word is getting out about our recent addition of star contributors to>,” says RACER‘s Editor-In-Chief Laurence Foster (LEFT). Editor David Malsher has recruited renowned motorsports journalists Robin Miller, Marshall Pruett, Adam Cooper, Edd Straw and Mark Hughes all of whom also regularly contribute to RACER Magazine. I’m proud that our team has established>  as the go-to site for motorsports news and informed insight.”

Editor David Malsher (RIGHT) adds, “The RACER brand, established by Paul Pfanner in 1992, taken on by Haymarket Media for 12 years and then returned to its originator in 2012, helped establish when we first went independent from in the winter of 2008/’09. As you’d expect in these circumstances, it took a while for people to know about us, to know we’d struck out on our own. But the people who did visit our website in its first 12 months could see that a) we were serious and, b) knew what we were talking about.

“Then Paul’s return and Editor-in-Chief Laurence Foster’s bold from-the-ground-up rebuild of the magazine in April 2012 was like a turbocharger kicking in. By then we had over 500,000 page views on per month, but suddenly the website became a brilliant marketing tool for the magazine, and vice versa. The sumptuous photography, knowledgeable but enjoyable writing, the classic design and quality paper have made the magazine a must-keep treasure. It sounds immodest but I can’t deny that we’re all massively proud of it.”

The fast-growing RACER audience of more than 230,000 passionate motorsports fans and participants offers fresh opportunities for advertising and content marketing opportunities. Call us today at (800) 722-7140 (outside the USA and Canada, call 949-417-6700) to explore how the power and influence of RACER and>  can help drive your business forward, too.