Former F1 racers top Macau invitees

Former F1 racers top Macau invitees


Former F1 racers top Macau invitees


Macau Grand Prix organisers have assembled a cast of top-line drivers from the event’s history for a special race to celebrate its 60th running.

Stars from past Macau Grand Prix and Macau Guia (touring car races) will line up in cars from China’s season-long Volkswagen Scirocco R-Cup. The invited drivers are split roughly half and half between international aces and Asian racers of the past.

The international entry is headed by ex-Formula 1 racers Stefan Johansson, Nicola Larini, Martin Donnelly, David Brabham, Emanuele Pirro and Julian Bailey.

IndyCar racer Mike Conway will also race, along with touring car veterans Alain Menu, Rickard Rydell, Steve Soper, Jorg Muller, Duncan Huisman and Tim Harvey.

From the Asian field, 2008 Macau GP winner Keisuke Kunimoto makes a return after disappearing from top-level racing since his Formula Renault 3.5 campaign in 2010. His former TOM’S team principal Nobuhide Tachi, who won the 1974 and ’75 Guia races in a Toyota Celica, is also entered.

Drivers will randomly draw the keys to their cars by lottery before track action kicks off.

Invited drivers Stefan Johansson          Second in 1984 Macau GPNicola Larini             Second in 2002 GuiaMartin Donnelly           Winner of 1987 Macau GPDavid Brabham             Winner of 1989 Macau GPEmanuele Pirro            Winner of 1991/92 GuiaJulian Bailey             Second in 1989 Macau GPMike Conway               Winner of 2006 Macau GPAlain Menu                Winner of 2012 WTCC raceRickard Rydell            Winner of 1992 Macau GPSteve Soper               Winner of 1997 GuiaJorg Muller               Winner of 1993 GP & 2004 GuiaDuncan Huisman            Winner of 2001/02/03 GuiaTim Harvey                Winner of 1989 GuiaNi Amorim                 Competed in 1992-95 GuiaHerbert Adamczyk          Winner of 1976/79 GuiaPeter Rubatto             Competed in 1985-93 Motorcycle GPKeisuke Kunimoto          Winner of 2008 Macau GPNobuhide Tachi            Winner of 1974/75 GuiaKiyoshi Misaki            Third in 1971 Macau GPNaoki Nagasaka            Competed in 1988 GuiaRiki Ohkubo               Second in 1971 Macau GPTomohiko Tsutsumi         Competed in 1988 GuiaAdrian Fu                 Second in 1982 GuiaDanny Stacy Chau          Competed in 1980s/90s Guia

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