Sims triumphs on GP3 return

Sims triumphs on GP3 return

Formula 3

Sims triumphs on GP3 return


Alexander Sims won the second race at Spa-Francorchamps ahead of Conor Daly, concluding a successful debut weekend in the Carlin team.

Sims hit the front after polesitter Tio Ellinas, who lost his championship lead on Saturday, was unceremoniously punted out at the first corner by a locked-up Melville McKee. Ellinas continued for a couple of laps at the tail of the field, but retired.

McKee ran second in the early stages, with Daly crawling all over the back of him, until he was given a drive-through penalty for the first-corner shunt.

Daly finished second, 8.3 seconds down on the imperious Sims, with new points leader Facu Regalia a  convincing third in a big weekend for the championship race. He showed his delight by driving onto the run-off at Pouhon on the slowing down lap to celebrate with his fan club.

Nick Yelloly made it a Carlin 1-4, behind the ART twins Daly and Regalia, with Kevin Korjus fifth for Koiranen.

Saturday’s winner Daniil Kvyat battled hard for his sixth place, repassing Dino Zamparelli after a superb duel between the two.

A trio of punctures during the race will have raised mild concern at Pirelli, although there was a fair bit of off-track running and contact during the event.

Results - 13 laps:Pos  Driver              Team           Time/Gap     1.  Alexander Sims      Carlin       27m45.036s 2.  Conor Daly          ART             +8.314s 3.  Facu Regalia        ART            +10.773s 4.  Nick Yelloly        Carlin         +15.100s 5.  Kevin Korjus        Koiranen       +16.251s 6.  Daniil Kvyat        MW Arden       +18.230s 7.  Dino Zamparelli     Manor          +18.963s 8.  Robert Visoiu       MW Arden       +20.051s 9.  Patric Niederhauser Jenzer         +21.799s10.  Lewis Williamson    Bamboo         +24.203s11.  Giovanni Venturini  Trident        +25.019s12.  Alex Fontana        Jenzer         +27.531s13.  Carlos Sainz Jr     MW Arden       +29.280s14.  David Fumanelli     Trident        +32.874s15.  Jimmy Eriksson      Status         +35.087s16.  Adderly Fong        Status         +47.162s17.  Ryan Cullen         Manor          +47.784s18.  Josh Webster        Status         +52.127s19.  Carmen Jorda        Bamboo       +1m31.826s20.  Patrick Kujala      Koiranen     +1m38.328s21.  Luis Sa Silva       Carlin              DNF22.  Aaro Vainio         Koiranen            DNF23.  Emanuele Zonzini    Trident          +1 lapRetirements:        Samin Gomez         Jenzer       10 laps        Melville McKee      Bamboo        6 laps        Jack Harvey         ART           5 laps        Tio Ellinas         Manor         2 laps