Luhr gives Muscle Milk HPD ALMS pole

Luhr gives Muscle Milk HPD ALMS pole


Luhr gives Muscle Milk HPD ALMS pole


Lucas Luhr took a commanding pole position for Pickett Racing’s HPD as the American Le Mans Series resumed at Lime Rock after its Le Mans 24 Hours break.

With its early season rival Rebellion opting out of the ALMS this weekend, Pickett has become a strong favourite for a second straight title. Remaining opponent Dyson Racing has yet to score this season, and Chris Dyson was 0.8 seconds off Luhr’s pace in qualifying on Friday afternoon.

“We have by far the quickest car on the track,” said Luhr, after winning his 20th career ALMS pole. “We’ll get two or three good quick laps at the beginning of the race if we’re lucky, but then we’re stuck in traffic all day long. The big job is to stay calm, don’t go crazy in traffic and wait for our chances.”

In LMP2, Level 5 duo Ryan Briscoe and Marino Franchitti beat the Extreme Speed cars, while Andy Meyrick put the DeltaWing (shown leading an SRT Viper, ABOVE) 12th overall.

“It was surprising how much quicker we went in qualifying than in practice,” Briscoe said. “It was a whole second quicker – and around this place, a second is a ton.”

Briscoe will drive to Pennsylvania following Saturday’s race, and will start Sunday’s inaugural IZOD IndyCar Series race at Pocono Raceway from the back row after missing today’s qualifying.

The Rahal Letterman Lanigan BMWs fended off their rivals in the typically close GT session. John Edwards beat Maxime Martin as the two BMWs went head to head for pole.

“We knew the car was going to be quick here,” Edwards said. “We’ve been good in practice and qualifying, so I think we can fight to stay up there for the race. If we can work through the traffic – which will be a nightmare here – we can fight for the win.” 

The Corvettes start third and fifth, separated by the Risi Ferrari, with CORE leading the Porsche challenge from sixth.

CORE took LMPC pole, recovering from an off by Jon Bennett late in final practice to get the car ready for Colin Braun to put up front in class. Bruno Junqueira was his closest rival in the RSR entry.

Spencer Pumpelly gave former GT top dog Flying Lizard its first GTC pole, narrowly defeating Alex Job man Jeroen Bleekemolen.

Pos  Cl   Qual Driver            Team/Car               Time     Cl gap
 1.  P1   Lucas Luhr             Pickett HPD            44.396s
 2.  P1   Chris Dyson            Dyson Lola-Mazda       45.243s  +0.847s
 3.  P2   Ryan Briscoe           Level 5 HPD            46.191s
 4.  P2   Marino Franchitti      Level 5 HPD            46.428s  +0.237s
 5.  P2   Johannes van Overbeek  Extreme Speed HPD      46.729s  +0.538s
 6.  P2   Scott Sharp            Extreme Speed HPD      46.870s  +0.679s
 7.  PC   Colin Braun            CORE FLM               48.078s
 8.  PC   Bruno Junqueira        RSR FLM                48.188s  +0.110s
 9.  PC   Kyle Marcelli          BAR1 FLM               48.403s  +0.325s
10.  PC   Renger van der Zande   DragonSpeed FLM        48.422s  +0.344s
11.  PC   Tristan Nunez          Performance Tech FLM   48.564s  +0.486s
12.  P1   Andy Meyrick           DeltaWing              48.931s  +4.535s
13.  PC   Mike Guasch            PR1 FLM                49.222s  +1.144s
14.  PC   Rusty Mitchell         BAR1 FLM               50.044s  +1.966s
15.  GT   John Edwards           RLL BMW                50.996s
16.  GT   Maxime Martin          RLL BMW                51.157s  +0.161s
17.  GT   Oliver Gavin           Corvette               51.490s  +0.494s
18.  GT   Olivier Beretta        Risi Ferrari           51.499s  +0.503s
19.  GT   Antonio Garcia         Corvette               51.537s  +0.541s
20.  GT   Patrick Long           CORE Porsche           51.732s  +0.736s
21.  GT   Townsend Bell          West/AJR Ferrari       51.812s  +0.816s
22.  GT   Dominik Farnbacher     SRT Viper              51.916s  +0.920s
23.  GT   Kuno Wittmer           SRT Viper              52.185s  +1.189s
24.  GT   Bryan Sellers          Falken Porsche         52.199s  +1.203s
25.  GT   Bryce Miller           Miller Porsche         52.254s  +1.258s
26.  GTC  Spencer Pumpelly       Flying Lizard Porsche  55.155s
27.  GTC  Jeroen Bleekemolen     Alex Job Porsche       55.317s  +0.162s
28.  GTC  Damien Faulkner        TRG Porsche            55.414s  +0.259s
29.  GTC  Andy Lally             Dempsey Porsche        55.500s  +0.345s
30.  GTC  Jan Heylen             JDX Porsche            55.604s  +0.449s
31.  GTC  Nicolas Armindo        NGT Porsche            55.677s  +0.522s
32.  GTC  Dion von Moltke        Flying Lizard Porsche  55.744s  +0.589s
33.  GTC  Craig Stanton          TRG Porsche            55.992s  +0.837s