FR3.5 evaluating celebrity race

FR3.5 evaluating celebrity race

Formula 3.5 V8

FR3.5 evaluating celebrity race


The Formula Renault 3.5 Series is evaluating the feasibility of a non-championship “celebrity” race, which could include drivers with recent Formula 1 and IndyCar experience.

Sources at Moscow Raceway last weekend stressed that the project is only at a conceptual stage. Beyond confirming discussions had taken place, teams and organization at Moscow Raceway were guarded over details, such as a potential race format.

Series officials are understood to be confident the logistics, management and promotion of the race – likely to be in the off-season – would pose little problem. Teams have been eager to find ways of generating additional income up over the winter, and staying active, aside from testing.

There are potential stumbling blocks to the event taking place. These include commitment and contractual clashes for drivers around the likely date of the race.