Ferrari still troubled by wind tunnel

Ferrari still troubled by wind tunnel

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Ferrari still troubled by wind tunnel


Ferrari has admitted that it has still not completely solved the wind tunnel correlation problems with its newly upgraded Maranello facility.

After its problems prompted the team to temporarily shut the Maranello tunnel down last October for a refit, Ferrari has been working hard to try to bring it back online as soon as possible. It has been using the former Toyota Formula 1 team’s facility in Cologne for its 2013 car in the meantime, while hoping to bring the Maranello tunnel back on tap in the next few months to help out with the 2014 challenger. However, Ferrari’s deputy chief designer Simone Resta admitted ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix that the team was still working hard to get on top of its issues.

“It is difficult situation. We are still struggling,” he said. “We are working on an external wind tunnel and we have our own one. It has been a problem. We are working on it, but we will sort it out.”

When asked when he hoped that would happen, Resta said: “Late summer.”