Alonso: Germany to show Ferrari form

Alonso: Germany to show Ferrari form

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Alonso: Germany to show Ferrari form


Fernando Alonso says this weekend’s German Grand Prix will show whether Ferrari has slipped back from its Formula 1 title rivals or just had a one-off struggle in Britain.

Despite coming through to third place in the Silverstone race, Alonso remained concern by the pace deficit that left him only 10th in qualifying.

“We were happy with the points we recovered but I was not happy with the performance,” he said. “It is something we need to answer here if Silverstone was just a one-off and we didn’t have the right balance or the right setup for that particular circuit, or is it just really that everyone else did a big step forward and we did a step backward? We need to answer this question and recover some of the form.”

Alonso said Ferrari’s initial findings suggested there were specific problems from Silverstone that could be addressed.

“We went into a very deep analysis of Silverstone, knowing that we were not competitive, and we saw some issues with the car in terms of aero characteristics at Silverstone, in terms of setup, to do some things a bit better at a certain speed in corners,” he said.

Still, the two-time world champion believes there is more to gain from quickly mastering Pirelli’s revised 2013 tires than from Ferrari improving its car.

“Here and Hungary, we will be dominated by the tires how they perform on each car,” Alonso said. “So we think we should not be worried, because the tires should be good for us, or not worse than any other car.

“With the setup, you win one tenth or two tenths with characteristics of aero; with tires, you can lose seconds. So we need to adapt to the new tires quicker than the other teams, and we will put a lot of effort on that.”