F1 technical updates: 2023 Australian Grand Prix

Mark Sutton/Motorsport Images

F1 technical updates: 2023 Australian Grand Prix

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F1 technical updates: 2023 Australian Grand Prix


Red Bull has brought the most upgrades of the top four teams to the Australian Grand Prix as the early championship leader looks to improve the performance of its front wing.

While there are no new parts submitted from Aston Martin or Ferrari, Red Bull has updated its front wing endplates as well as the elements on the front wing, with the two developments going hand-in-hand with the intention of increasing aerodynamic load. There’s also a tweak to the bodywork that wraps around the rear tire to try and improve cooling options in that area.

Of the top four teams, only Mercedes has any car change listed by the FIA, with vanes added to the underside of the floor edge to improve flow to the rear of the floor and the diffuser.

Battening down the hatches on the McLaren MCL60. Glenn Dunbar/Motorsport Images

There are further changes for the midfield teams, with Alpine updating its Halo fairing, while McLaren has modified the floor fences to improve performance from the diffuser, while also bringing a tighter engine cover to increase efficiency based on the cool temperatures in the weather forecast.

Alfa Romeo has brought a new front wing alongside changes to the nose that is designed to improve overall car balance, as well as updating its wing mirrors to provide better controlled airflow to the rear of the car.

The largest amount of updates are seen at AlphaTauri, where changes to the floor and diffuser have been delivered to improve overall downforce, with a focus on the car’s performance in the early braking phases when it is lowest to the ground. Meanwhile, Williams has updated its rear wing endplates to provide an increase in downforce but also developed an additional front wing flap trim to give itself more options to adjust the car’s balance if required.