VSCDA set to kick off 45th season at GingerMan Raceway

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VSCDA set to kick off 45th season at GingerMan Raceway

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VSCDA set to kick off 45th season at GingerMan Raceway


As spring inches closer, VSCDA members are prepping for a special season ahead. Founded in 1978, the Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year along with marque celebrations at events throughout the year.

The kickoff to the season is VSCDA’s annual Spring Brake and Drivers School May 4-7 at GingerMan Raceway in South Haven, Michigan.

“The Drivers School begins with intensive classes the afternoon of May 4th,” said school chair Charlie Hall. “That way our students are ready first thing Friday morning to be on the track applying what they have learned from the instruction.”

Groups of students alternate between classes and track time throughout the day. Upon successful completion of the Drivers School, graduates gain racing privileges recognized by VSCDA and most other vintage groups.

VSCDA’s Drivers School has successful students of all ages, starting at 18, that get the benefit of VSCDA’s one instructor for each student approach. The club believes this helps the driver develop quickly and leads to long lasting mentoring and friendships.

“Most graduates will race Saturday and Sunday as part of the Spring Brake weekend, “said Kurt Marquardt, chair of the racing weekend. He continued, “We provide ample track time for a wide variety of vintage cars ranging from Formula Vees to muscle cars. Races will include a closed wheel enduro and the Sprite-Midget Series race. Our existing drivers are supportive of the newly minted racers who have become part of the VSCDA family, which adds to the racing camaraderie of the weekend.”

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