Isotta Fraschini hypercar revealed ahead of planned race-by-race WEC entry

Isotta Fraschini hypercar revealed ahead of planned race-by-race WEC entry

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Isotta Fraschini hypercar revealed ahead of planned race-by-race WEC entry


Isotta Fraschini, has revealed a fully built Tipo 6 LMH Competitzione in Milan today. The first car is now ready for further development work and testing ahead of the brand’s planned FIA World Endurance Championship top class programme, which is due to get underway later this year.

Staff from the revived 1908 Targa Florio winning Italian automotive manufacturer, were joined by team representatives from UK team Vector Sport, which is set to run the cars in the FIA WEC, at the unveiling. Team manager of the current LMP2 outfit Gary Holland was one of the group in attendance.

The car has already been on a 4WD dyno and is set to begin wind tunnel testing imminently, with Vector Sport set to get involved in the testing and development of the car.

As it stands Isotta Fraschini, which filed for a full-season FIA WEC entry this year but wasn’t granted one by the selection committee, is aiming to enter the championship on a race-by-race basis later in the season ahead of a full-season effort in 2024.

Notably, the team also has a second chassis on site at its Michellotto headquarters ready to be built up. It is not clear yet though, whether it exists for testing purposes (including an FIA crash test), or to be built up as the first Tipo 6 road car.

The Tipo 6 LMH Competizione is set to be powered by a 4WD hybrid system and a six-cylinder turbocharged ICE. It has been developed by ex-DTM outfit HWA exclusively for the programme.

Alongside the race programme, to meet the requirements to enter the FIA WEC as a LMH manufacturer, a road-going Stradale version of the Tipo 6 will be produced. Isotta Fraschini Milano’s president Alessandro Fassina clarified during today’s presentation that 50 units will be built over 5 years, while a two-seater Tipo 6 Pista track-only customer hypercar will arrive in 2026, with 30/40 units per year targeted.

During the presentation, the Isotta Fraschini Milano’s president Alessandro Fassina also announced that an investment of 100 million euros has been injected into the effort, almost a third of which has already been allocated.

“Today, we are exactly where we predicted four months ago, when we announced that Isotta Fraschini would be back and that it would do so, according to tradition, with a racing car,” said Claudio Berro, director of Isotta Fraschini’s motorsport programme.

“The Tipo 6 LMH Competizione is now in its complete and real configuration and the intentions for the 2023 season remain those of competing in the 2023 WEC championship with the ‘race by race’ formula, as soon as the car is homologated by the FIA.

“In the meantime, we will be grinding kilometres together with the team Vector Sport to ensure we will be ready as soon as possible.”