IndyCar confirms MAHLE hybrid partnership

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IndyCar confirms MAHLE hybrid partnership


IndyCar confirms MAHLE hybrid partnership


Ten months after RACER revealed MAHLE as the vendor for IndyCar’s energy recovery system, the NTT IndyCar Series has confirmed the German technology firm as its chosen partner for its move to hybridization in 2024.

Lacking the space to mount an ERS battery in its Dallara DW12 chassis without a major retrofitting exercise, the choice to go with MAHLE’s self-contained motor generator unit and supercapacitor combination fits the unique challenge posed by IndyCar’s shift to hybridization.

The MAHLE ERS units provide a compact packaging solution for IndyCar that places the entire system in the bellhousing located between the transmission and the 2.2-liter twin-turbo V6 internal combustion engines made by Chevy and Honda. In other hybrid series like Formula 1 and IMSA’s GTP class where supercapacitor energy storage isn’t used, large, heavy batteries are required which receive and return the electronic horsepower generated under braking through the MGUs in the bellhousing.

Targeted for a 100hp contribution to the overall power output to start, the MAHLE ERS units — which have a new and central involvement from Chevy and Honda to assist with ongoing development and manufacturing — will function as the series’ new push-to-pass solution.

“We appreciate the innovative solution initiated by MAHLE Powertrain and their hard work in the development of our new hybrid system,” said IndyCar president Jay Frye. “We are also grateful for Chevrolet and HPD, as well as the IndyCar team, for their close collaboration in this important project and continued work as we proceed toward implementation for the 2024 NTT IndyCar Series season.”

MAHLE Powertrain’s managing director echoed Frye’s sentiments.

“We are delighted to have supported the NTT IndyCar Series to develop the new push-to-pass hybrid system,” said MAHLE’s Hugh Blaxill. “We’re particularly appreciative of the expertise and support we have received from IndyCar, HPD and Chevrolet during the system’s development, much of which took place during the significant global supply chain issues that demanded even closer collaboration between ourselves, the entire IndyCar team and our suppliers to help resolve.”

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