NASCAR podcast: Phoenix Raceway president Julie Giese

Photo courtesy of Phoenix Raceway

NASCAR podcast: Phoenix Raceway president Julie Giese


NASCAR podcast: Phoenix Raceway president Julie Giese


Julie Giese is preparing for her final race as president of Phoenix Raceway before shifting to the Chicago street course and joins The Racing Writer’s podcast to discuss both, along with:

• Giese explains what goes on a racetrack in the final weeks before an event

• How championship weekend is different from spring race weekend

• What being a track president means

• Sitting with race fans for the start of the events

•- Going from a dairy farm to working in racing

• What it was like to come into NASCAR in 2001 during an intense time for the sport

• Experiences and projects that get thrown your way while in marketing and communications

• Being involved in finding her successor at Phoenix

• Overseeing the Chicago street course

• Addressing the concerns over the event

• Being involved in seeing if it was even possible to do

• Praise from the industry for her name being attached to big projects

• Learning hustle and work ethic from the farm

• If knowing the Midwest will help in any way to plan the Chicago street event

• Some of the important things on her agenda

• What she’s looking forward to in her final Phoenix weekend

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