Pirelli F1 tire test pushed back to COTA and Mexico

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Pirelli F1 tire test pushed back to COTA and Mexico

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Pirelli F1 tire test pushed back to COTA and Mexico


Pirelli’s planned tire test at the Japanese Grand Prix has been cancelled due to the inclement weather at Suzuka, meaning it will now take place at the U.S. and Mexican Grands Prix.

The original schedule for Pirelli to test 2023 tires was to run an extra 30 minutes at the end of FP1, with all 20 cars following run plans from the tire supplier. Suzuka and Austin were earmarked for those sessions, but persistent rain throughout Friday in Japan meant the test was cancelled, although the extra time was still allowed for normal practice running.

Pirelli will now push the tire test back to Mexico, with an extra 30 minutes of track time planned there instead, and the first full-grid test of the season at the end of Friday’s practice at Austin’s Circuit of The Americas.

The schedule had always been planned with weather issues in mind, focusing on a run of three races prior to the final Sprint of the season in Brazil. Should no running be possible at either of the next two events, RACER understands the test will not be replaced as Pirelli has to define its final specifications for 2023 in time for the post-race test in Abu Dhabi.

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