UPDATE: Austrian GP top three receive suspended fines over parc ferme breach

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UPDATE: Austrian GP top three receive suspended fines over parc ferme breach

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UPDATE: Austrian GP top three receive suspended fines over parc ferme breach


Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton all received suspended €10,000 ($10,200) fines for breaching parc ferme regulations at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Drivers were warned that they should not be interacting with their physiotherapists until after they have finished the podium ceremony, including in the cool down room where they are weighed. However, with Leclerc, Verstappen and Hamilton all having theirs do so in Austria — as has happened on multiple occasions in the past — the FIA took action under the International Sporting Code (ISC).

“The physio/drivers’ assistants of the top three finishers entered parc ferme without permission and in violation of the procedure that was published prior to the race ‘for the orderly conduct of the event,’” the stewards’ decision read. “In part this is to prevent handing over of items to the drivers prior to them being weighed.”

The result is a suspended fine that will be called in if there is any further breach, while “the competitors are warned that the passes of the individuals concerned may be revoked in case of systemic violation”.

It is the second breach of the ISC this weekend, after Sebastian Vettel received a suspended €25,000 ($25,400) fine for leaving the driver briefing early on Friday following heated exchanges.


The top three finishers in the Austrian Grand Prix have been summoned to the stewards over an alleged breach of parc ferme regulations.

RACER understands the investigation relates to the presence of driver physiotherapists or trainers within parc ferme, and them interacting with the drivers before they have been weighed. The FIA is believed to have warned the teams on numerous occasions that the practice needs to be stopped as they could theoretically influence the weight of a driver post-race.

Charles Leclerc won the race from Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, but all three have now been summoned over their parc ferme conduct, citing an alleged breach of the International Sporting Code.

The article in question states: “Failure to follow the instructions of the relevant officials for the safe and orderly conduct of the event.”

In the post-race notes from the FIA, a section in bold read: “Driver physios must wait outside the cool down room behind the podium until the podium ceremony has concluded.”