FIA to crack down on porpoising from French GP onwards

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FIA to crack down on porpoising from French GP onwards

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FIA to crack down on porpoising from French GP onwards


The FIA has updated its technical directive regarding porpoising in Formula 1, with the new rules to be enforced from the French Grand Prix onwards.

Ahead of the previous race in Montreal, the governing body announced it was introducing a technical directive that would define an acceptable amount of porpoising — or “vertical oscillation” — that drivers could be subjected to on safety grounds. While many teams voiced concerns about the move, and even questioned its validity as it could lead to a change in technical regulations, the FIA has been continuing with its analysis and now defined how it is going to monitor the situation.

Teams have been informed of an update to the technical directive from the FIA that they will be allowed two races to come to terms with, including this weekend’s British Grand Prix, before it intends to enforce the changes from Paul Ricard.

“In connection with safety concern previously raised by the FIA regarding the vertical oscillation (porpoising) of the new generation of Formula 1 cars, the FIA is now taking the next steps to address this issue and has sent a draft update to the technical directive issued prior to the Canadian Grand Prix to the teams,” the FIA confirmed.

“The FIA’s analysis of vertical oscillation data has concluded, and we have defined a metric by which to monitor this — the update has been sent to teams to allow them to conduct their own analysis over the next two grands prix to understand what, if any, changes they may need to implement in order to be compliant when the technical directive becomes effective as of the French Grand Prix.

“Additionally, the technical directive also sets out some updated parameters relating to plank wear and skid stiffness, which are inherently related to the same issue, and go hand-in-hand with the metric. These changes are necessary in order to provide a level playing field between the teams when the metric is implemented.”