Ford President and CEO Jim Farley launches new 'Drive' podcast

Ford President and CEO Jim Farley launches new 'Drive' podcast


Ford President and CEO Jim Farley launches new 'Drive' podcast


Ford President and CEO Jim Farley has spent six months interviewing his favorite people in the auto industry and beyond, exploring persistence, entrepreneurship, and the ways in which cars tie us together. Those conversations will now be shared in in Spotify-exclusive podcast ‘Drive’.

“I’ve been passionate about cars basically my entire life, and the podcast was a chance to connect with others about our mutual love for the things that get us around,” he said. “Having these conversations helps me recharge my batteries and connect with my love for cars outside of business.”

Launching on May 25, the first episode of Drive features a conversation between Farley and Dax Shepard. Other guests in the series include Jimmy Kimmel, Jochen Zeitz, Emelia Hartford, The Duke of Richmond, Patrice Banks and Tom Brady.

“Each of my guests fascinates me in different ways,” Farley said. “I wanted to talk with people from different walks of life who also shared a love of cars. When we first started, we had a big list of people we wanted to talk to, and just narrowed it down over time.

“Everyone has a story in their life that’s linked to a car. You don’t have to be a car collector or auto exec to connect through these stories. People are passionate about vehicles. Yes, they can physically take you to from point A to point B, but what happens on these journeys is often what you remember.”

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