Photos: HMSA Historic GTP at Long Beach

Images by Nick Lish/Vintage Motorsport

Photos: HMSA Historic GTP at Long Beach

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Photos: HMSA Historic GTP at Long Beach


The moving history group at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach delivered the perfect complement once again this year as HMSA assembled a smattering of IMSA GT, GTP, and Historic Group C cars to stretch their legs on the streets of Long Beach. Perhaps one could argue they even stole the show at certain points throughout the weekend…

Paddocked in their usual spot in the convention center, fans were given an up-close view of the cars and and the added bonus of photo opportunities with factory Porsche driver Patrick Long and McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown.

Patrick Long (1988 Porsche 962C) paces Zak Brown (1989 Jaguar XJR10) through Turn 9 during Saturday’s practice/qualifying session.

The real fun, though, was seeing the cars in their natural habitat on track. On more that one occasion a fan within earshot would shout out just how amazing the group of cars sounded. Enjoy the sights and look for a full write-up (with more photos) in the July/Aug issue of Vintage Motorsport magazine.

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