McLaren launches striking new F1 car

Images courtesy of McLaren

McLaren launches striking new F1 car

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McLaren launches striking new F1 car


McLaren has launched its striking new MCL36 alongside its three other racing liveries, including its 2022 IndyCar team look.

The MCL36 is the second physical F1 car to be unveiled after Aston Martin on Thursday, with the 2022 McLaren revealed at the McLaren Technology Centre. The car features a far less detailed sidepod layout than the Aston Martin, with no cooling slots visible and no undercut beneath the sidepod despite the two teams sharing a power unit supplier in Mercedes.

The launch car also featured a blanked-off diffuser as McLaren was keen not to show the solution it has opted for around the rear end, where the powerful underfloor tunnels direct airflow up towards the rear wing.

From a livery perspective, there is a significantly updated design featuring a brighter orange and more pale blue in a nod to the Gulf tribute livery that was so well-received when it was run in Monaco last year. The move was a team-led one, with no additional funding from Gulf.

“I think we can be proud of presenting a real car, because it absolutely is the car we will be taking to Barcelona,” McLaren’s executive director, technical James Key said. “We have hidden some bits and pieces because there are some sensitive areas for obvious reason, but everyone will see them anyway when we run the car.

“But as far as the development plan is concerned, like every team we have development steps to come early on because we are still very much in the learning process at this stage and the development rate and the proactivity we are showing in the next step is pretty strong.

“So we will bring some updates to Bahrain and then the next step is already in process now, so you will see the car change but I’m sure everyone’s car is going to change.”

As well as the MCL36, similar IndyCar liveries were revealed for Pato O’Ward and Felix Rosenqvist, on top of the team’s Extreme E and Esports colors.