ORIW: Beth Paretta and Paretta Autosport

ORIW: Beth Paretta and Paretta Autosport

EPARTRADE Race Industry Week

ORIW: Beth Paretta and Paretta Autosport


Back in December, Beth Paretta, owner of Paretta Autosport and some of the team joined us for an interview during Race Industry Week. Guests included Mallorie Muller, Crew; Lauren Sullivan, Aero Engineer; Madison Conrad, Mechanic / IR Tire; Maria Grady, Photographer; Linda Rosenberg, Marketing; and Ayla Agren, Spotter. Paretta Autosport made history last year in becoming the first ever female-led racing team competing in the Indy 500. Hosted by Paul Pfanner.

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K&N Engineering will present the first Race Industry Now webinar of the season on Wednesday, February 9 at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET: Tech Webinar: “Filtration for the Future” by K&N Engineering.

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