RECAP: Race Industry Week, Day 3

RECAP: Race Industry Week, Day 3

EPARTRADE Race Industry Week

RECAP: Race Industry Week, Day 3


After five days, 55 hours of live webinars and more than 150 guest speakers from across the motorsport industry, the 2021 edition of EPARTRADE’s Online Race Industry Week is a wrap. But if you weren’t able to tune in live, you can watch any of the webinars on demand right here on

Today, we revisit the webinars from the third day on Wednesday, December 1, including racing legends Mario Andretti and Linda Vaughn, IndyCar’s Mark Miles, NASCAR engine ace Doug Yates, featured series SCCA and SVRA, and more. Keep checking back all this week to hear from the biggest names in the industry in Online Race Industry Week, sponsored by ETS Racing Fuels and Penske Racing Shocks, and presented by AEM Performance Electronics, ARP Inc, and Motul.


Mario Andretti and Linda Vaughn

Mark Miles, IndyCar

Doug Yates, Roush Yates Engines

Featured series: SCCA

Featured series: SVRA

“ZyBar: The Sworn Enemy of Heat!” by ZyCoat

“5 Design Attributes for Race Engine Developers” by Fluidampr

“Wastegate Development & Trends at DSPS Engineering” by DSPS

“Evolution of Piston Rings & Cylinder Honing” by Total Seal

“Who We Are, What We Do” by SFI Foundation

“Octane & Race Engines – What you need to know” by RACE-GAS

“Hose Fitting Technologies” by Speedflow

“Innovation in the Automotive Cooling Field” by Davies Craig

“Remember John Kilroy & Robin Miller” by EPARTRADE & RACER