NASCAR podcast: Ryan Vargas

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NASCAR podcast: Ryan Vargas


NASCAR podcast: Ryan Vargas


Ryan Vargas works his tail off for seat time and to be recognized in NASCAR and it’s paid off in some big ways over the last year. Vargas joins The Racing Writer’s Podcast to discuss:

• The growing amount of seat time he’s had and what it means to have a driver’s notebook

• Racing with emotion

• Insight into the home office and his daily tasks to get in a car

• If he has any formal training for selling himself and speaking well

• Why he thought he was washed up at 18

• Thoughts on young drivers getting recognized

• Some on-track highlights that stand out and a keepsake from leading laps at Talladega

• What it is like to be a race car driver

• Why Vargas thinks fans relate to him and he’s developed a good following

• Embracing social media and its many different platforms

• Looking ahead to 2022


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