Evolving goals for Steve Wilson in rookie eNASCAR campaign

Evolving goals for Steve Wilson in rookie eNASCAR campaign


Evolving goals for Steve Wilson in rookie eNASCAR campaign


eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series rookie Steven Wilson started his inaugural Coca-Cola Series campaign with one set of expectations, but as solid results started to come in, the Roush Fenway eSports driver has shifted his goals higher. With one more opportunity to find a win and secure a spot in the playoffs, his goal is clear.

“The goal [for the season] for me has changed,” he said. “I started out the season… my first races were not very good. So I figured the top 20 is probably what to shoot for, but then the finishes got better very quickly, so since then it’s been about making the playoffs.

“Since about race three, when I finished second, if I can battle for a win there then I can battle for winning any race, and even go for playoffs.”

The opening race of the season at Daytona International Speedway brought bad luck – hardly a surprise given the nature of the track. In the second race, Wilson and his teammates struggled to find the pace to compete.

Since those two races, “we’ve only gotten better, and I think that has shown with the team that we have,” he says. “Every year they start out slow and then get better as the season goes, and we learn more every week, so we just keep getting faster and better with good finishes.”

Currently third in the full-season points standings, Wilson is currently not in position to advance to the playoffs due to the fact he is not one of the 12 drivers with a win this season. With one more race before the playoffs, a draft-heavy showdown at Michigan next week, the pressure is on to find a race win.

Even if that win doesn’t come and he falls short of the playoffs, Wilson will still see the season as a success.

“I’d still consider it to be a success since it’s my first season,” he said. “I wouldn’t be Rookie of the Year obviously, but then that’s still a successful season because even the rookies in the series are no slouches. Hopefully, if I don’t make the playoffs, I can stay in 11th, and then that would be the best-case scenario.”

Wilson will enter Michigan as one of four drivers – the others being Corey Vincent, Michael Guest, and Casey Kirwan – who are in the top 10 in points but not in the playoffs after being boxed out by so many different winners this season.


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