A message to our readers about Robin Miller

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A message to our readers about Robin Miller


A message to our readers about Robin Miller


Dear readers,

Due to Robin’s ongoing health challenges, his contributions to RACER.com, including the weekly Mailbag, will remain on pause for the foreseeable future. Robin is an integral member of the RACER family, and while we’ll miss his knowledge, stories and insights as much as you will, the most important thing to us is that he gets the time he needs to direct his energy toward what really matters.

Ever since Robin’s illness became public knowledge a few years ago, there has been an immense outpouring of support from within the sport as well as from the many thousands of fans for whom his writing has been a core part of their IndyCar diet for decades. We, and Robin, are hugely appreciative, and ask you to continue keeping him in your thoughts.

One of the hallmarks of Robin’s work over the years has been his honesty. And it wouldn’t be right for us to be anything other than completely honest with you. We genuinely don’t know what lies ahead. We can’t say for sure whether the Mailbag will return. Robin faces a serious battle, and our sole concern is that we’re doing whatever we can to support him.

Thanks again to all of our readers for your patience and understanding. If anyone wants to send words of support or encouragement to Robin, please email me here and I’ll make sure he sees them.

Mark Glendenning
Editor, RACER.com