Reutemann back in intensive care in Argentina

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Reutemann back in intensive care in Argentina

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Reutemann back in intensive care in Argentina


Carlos Reutemann has been readmitted into intensive care in Argentina, less than two weeks after being discharged from hospital.

The 12-time grand prix winner was previously admitted into intensive care after suffering from “a hemorrhage of the digestive system” back in May, but his condition had appeared to improve. Reutemann — who is a former governor of Santa Fe, and currently in the final year of his mandate as a member of the Argentine Senate — is now back in the ICU after suffering from “a feverish condition” that is impacting his general health.

Dr. Sebastian del Pazo — the coordinator of the Clinical Department of the Santa Fe Sanatorium — says the 79-year-old Reutemann requires continuous monitoring due to the complexities of his condition.

“Senator Carlos A. Reutemann is currently hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit due to anemia, hypoalbuminemia, infection and hemodynamic instability,” del Pazo is quoted as saying. “The prognosis is conditional due to their pre-existing pathologies: chronic liver disease, hyper- long-standing portal tension and liver failure.

“The current picture represents one more complication that adds to the digestive bleeding that led to his recent hospitalization earlier this month.”

Reutemann entered 146 races in an impressive Formula 1 career, winning his first race for Brabham in 1974 and also picking up victories for Ferrari and Williams, finishing runner-up in the drivers’ championship to Nelson Piquet in 1981 (pictured above) when driving for the latter. The Argentine scored a total of 45 podiums in F1 and also had two entries in the World Rally Championship, finishing on the podium on both occasions in his home rally.