Race Industry Now Webinar #100

Race Industry Now Webinar #100


Race Industry Now Webinar #100


THANK YOU to our impressive list of speakers, including some of the most notable race industry leaders in the world.

THANK YOU to the 10,000 registered professionals who have attended our live webinars and to the 120,000+ viewers on Youtube and listeners of our Podcasts.

THANK YOU to our very talented hosts: Jeff Hammond and Brad Gillie from SiriusXM ch 90, Late Shift, Paul Pfanner, Marshall Pruett and the entire team at RACER, John Kilroy of EPARTRADE and Joe Castello of WFO Radio.

And finally, THANK YOU to the Racing Industry for embracing the EPARTRADE platform and setting new records in both buyers and suppliers’ participation.

Join us for our 100th episode on Wednesday, May 19 at 9:00 AM PST:
“How improving surface finish can make any part better and faster, and how to get the REM process performed on your parts today”

Bob Veeley, Partner and Sales Manager, NEGP; Tim Barrett, Partner and Production Manager, NEGP; Mike Salerno, Senior Regional Sales Manager, REM Chemical and Melissa Kowal, Marketing Manager, NEGP. Hosted by Brad Gillie from SiriusXM ch 90, Late Shift.

No charge to attend. Click here to sign up.