FluidLogic drivers claim early wins in USF2000, San Felipe 250

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FluidLogic drivers claim early wins in USF2000, San Felipe 250

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FluidLogic drivers claim early wins in USF2000, San Felipe 250


The FluidLogic ‘smart’ hydration system is the fastest-growing hydration delivery system in motorsports. Drivers across NASCAR, Off-Road racing, IndyCar, and club events have adopted the FluidLogic system with the MagLock Air fresh-air coupler on their helmets, and some have claimed early victories in their 2021 seasons.

Prescott Campbell of DEForce Racing took the USF2000 season championship lead with a win at Barber Motorsports Park. Campbell uses the new FluidLogic Fluid Containment system, an insulated bottle that can be used individually, or with the FluidLogic programmable system, to remain hydrated.

“We can’t have a hydration system built into our cars so I use the Fluid Containment system with a bite valve on the end of it to stay hydrated,” he said.

“Qualifying is a priority to winning a race, so I made sure I was hydrated beforehand and qualified second for both race sessions. When it came time to drive onto the grid for the start of our session, the power went out on the track and we had to wait in our vehicles for more than 20 minutes in the heat. My mechanic kept handing me my FluidLogic Fluid Containment system to keep me hydrated. When we finally got to race after the long delay, I was more focused than the competitor in front of me, and once he made a mistake, I passed and took the win.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Proctor and the factory Honda team drove to a Class 7 win at the SCORE San Felipe 250. The Honda Ridgeline race truck is outfitted with the FluidLogic hydration system and MagLock Air, an air-hose coupling system that easily connects into Proctor’s helmet. After a grueling 280-mile race in Baja’s toughest terrain, Proctor and his team claimed a class win.

“I was drinking the entire five-and-a-half hours I was behind the wheel,” said Proctor. “I had a consistent energy level throughout the entire race and finished without the usual headache from dehydration. My system has a button on the steering wheel that delivers a pre-programmed amount of water, and a light flashes to let you know when it’s time to drink. It gives you just enough water to stay hydrated, but not too much.”

In a desert race where ambient heat and constant steering corrections are necessary, Proctor believes the FluidLogic system helps him stay focused on the course. “The Fluid Logic system is a game-changer for off-road racing,” he said. “Hydration is key for your cognitive abilities and mental focus. That’s what you need here, as these conditions and environment are changing so frequently.”

FluidLogic components have more than five years of testing and development, enduring the most extreme racing conditions from the dust and heat of Baja, to the Brickyard at Indianapolis. For more information on the FluidLogic hydration system, visit www.fluidlogic.com.