Steinbrenner joins PowerTap advisory board

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Steinbrenner joins PowerTap advisory board


Steinbrenner joins PowerTap advisory board


George Steinbrenner IV has been appointed to the advisory board of PowerTap Hydrogen Fueling Corp.

George, the youngest team owner in the IndyCar Series, brings his own long-term view to the ambitious aim of supporting the message of sustainability within motorsport by actively pursuing unique initiatives such as running an alternative fuel transporter and companion generator to achieve a carbon neutral (or better) transportation footprint, helping to implement comprehensive recycling programs across the IndyCar landscape, including racing venues, and leading an effort to implement green power at campsites across the IndyCar schedule where camping is prevalent.

“As we continually learn about and analyze the sectors of sustainable energy, we continue to find opportunities to blend these initiatives with our existing platforms,” George said. “Though my primary focus continues to be incorporating sustainability programs within my own independent businesses, Yankee Stadium continues to be at the forefront of sustainability and public health initiatives by becoming the first sports venue in the world to achieve the WELL Health-Safety Rating from the International WELL Building Institute by incorporating a hydrogen-based ventilation additive to address airborne pathogens.

“In addition to the continued building of commercial relationships between Steinbrenner Racing and green energy companies, we see genuine opportunity to advance a positive message of renewable energy through motorsports. We welcome PowerTap Hydrogen into the family of companies associated with our team and related racing efforts”

George said he welcomes the synergies PowerTap brings to existing relationships Steinbrenner Racing already enjoys in the green space.

“Expanding our relationships and participation within sustainability opens long-term benefits,” he said. “As our team and series continue to innovate, aligning with growth-minded companies such as PowerTap that naturally connect to existing partnerships within the biofuels space opens mutual benefit opportunities. I’m excited to take an advisory role within PowerTap and welcome applying their industry-leading technologies and strategic partnerships to bring greater adoption.”