Extreme E teams get to grips with ODYSSEY 21 in first tests

Andretti United. Image by Oliver Emery

Extreme E teams get to grips with ODYSSEY 21 in first tests

Extreme E

Extreme E teams get to grips with ODYSSEY 21 in first tests


With just four months to go to the first race of Season 1, Extreme E teams are taking delivery of their ODYSSEY 21 cars getting their first opportunities to put them through their paces in a series of tests.

Among them was Chip Ganassi Racing, which spent some time getting to know its all-electric SUV at its headquarters in Indianapolis before drivers Sara Price and Kyle LeDuc got behind the wheel for a test in Nevada. It was the first time that either had tested the car, and also the first time that an ODYSSEY 21 has run on U.S. soil.

“Our shakedown with the Extreme E ODYSSEY 21 was a success,” said Price. “We came out to the desert, a place I am super-familiar with, but with a car that is brand-new for me. We had a great time as a team learning the new car and this electric beast. It’s very new to all of us, so we are learning everything for the first time and working together to make it the most successful program we can. Can’t wait to take on the 2021 season; it’s just around the corner.”

LeDuc was equally enthusiastic.

“Last week we have done the impossible – drive an electric off road truck through the desert and sand dunes, and even send it on its maiden flight!” he said.

“I am blown away at what the Extreme E series has put together with this truck built by Spark and how this Chip Ganassi team has built a massive program to prepare for the 2021 season. I’m ready and this team is ready to attack 2021 fully electric.”

Andretti United opted for a shakedown in Wales.

“This is the first time I’ve met the team, and I must say it’s gone above expectation,” said driver Timmy Hansen. “We’ve ticked all of the boxes that we wanted to, and we’ve discovered new things on the car. It’s been really interesting getting to know my new office and a fantastic start for us on our journey. I’m looking forward to getting more testing under our belts.

“Catie (Munnings, teammate) has driven really fast here , she’s impressed me with just how fast she’s been, picking up a lot of the things and giving good feedback. I think we’re going to make a really good team and I’m happy that she’s so fast because the better she does, the better it is for me.”

Meanwhile, Veloce Racing tested in France, and the remaining teams plan private shakedowns of their own in the weeks ahead before the field gets together for the first scheduled group test at MotorLand Aragon in Spain at the end of this month.