McLeod/Tifft team to race as Live Fast Motorsports

McLeod/Tifft team to race as Live Fast Motorsports


McLeod/Tifft team to race as Live Fast Motorsports


Live Fast Motorsports is the name of the new NASCAR Cup Series team formed by BJ McLeod and Matt Tifft.

Unveiled Friday via social media, it was announced that McLeod will drive the No. 78 Ford Mustang as the team embarks on its first full season. With Go Fas Racing scaling back to a part-time effort beginning next season, the duo purchased Archie St. Hilaire’s portion of a charter that was in partnership with Joe Falk.

McLeod and Tifft will continue working with Falk. The charter guarantees them entry into every race.

“This is as big of a deal to me, if not bigger, than being a driver in the Cup Series, being with RCR, Gibbs, whoever,” said Tifft. “This is so big because this is not a one-year deal, it’s not a two-year deal. When you’re a driver, you worry about every single season. ‘What does that contract look like? What does my funding look like for the next year?’ With this, you get to plan for one, two, three, five years, 10 years, 20 years, and you have a business plan set in there. That’s what’s so cool about this and what makes it such a bigger deal.

“When I’m 50, 55, 60, I can’t drive at a high level even before the health stuff, so being a team owner that’s a possibility, so as long as NASCAR is around we’re trying to be around.”

Additionally, Live Fast will have a partnership with fellow Ford team Stewart-Haas Racing. Doing so will “assist (Live Fast) in competition and navigating the difficulties of developing a successful NASCAR Cup team.”

“We have an open door there and we’ve obviously already got their cars, their parts, their spindles, their hubs, their trailing arms, truck arms,” said McLeod. “We’ve got a good platform already to start with. We’re gonna need help. Stewart-Haas is successful. They were up there to win a championship with two races to go, so it’s like nine or 10 wins this year in Cup alone. That’s just crazy, the success that they show, and we’re just thankful that they’re willing to give us the chance that we want to do good for the sport and work hard and show progression. That’s the biggest thing.

Like his new partner, McLeod knows how hard the NASCAR game is from the perspective of both driver and team owner. Motorsport Images

“Let’s say we do run 28th on average this next year, which is a hard feat. It’s nothing easy to do, but we would like to see progression to 27th or 26th the year after or if our budget stays the same. Then, honestly you have to prep to run the same until you up your budget and work on your stuff and make it better. We just want to prove that we’re here to be better and in the long run we do have goals of being (better). You say, ‘I want to win a race.’ Well, with Cup if you’re running top 15 you have a chance to win a race, so it’s really realistic that you shoot to get the top 15 over the next 10 years with this team and then sooner or later you win a race and you’re running 15th to 10th every week.

“It’s crazy how competitive the Cup Series is, and I know it from a driver and from an owner (standpoint) both. It’s unreal how hard it is and that relationship is gonna speed up a lot for Matt and I and give us resources that we could really only dream of having. So, just looking forward to getting rolling and seeing where it goes to.”

While this is a new venture for McLeod and Tifft together, McLeod dipped his toe into Cup Series team ownership earlier this season. McLeod, who has 57 career starts in the series, ran eight races with his own car with his best finish being 28th at Bristol Motor Speedway.