Keeping your ride safe off the road

Keeping your ride safe off the road


Keeping your ride safe off the road


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We’re constantly facing dangers, whether on or off the road. There’s nothing that can guarantee that your ride will be in perfect condition. But this doesn’t mean just sitting back and doing nothing.

On the road, your vehicle is susceptible to anything from chipping a little paint or popping a tire, to irreversible damage. And even off the road, whether it be parked outside your home or in the garage, it’s still possible for it to get damaged one way or another.

To negate this, experts recommend making a simple, yet very logical investment: a simple and effective car cover, which will ensure your vehicle’s safety off the road.

The many dangers you don’t see

Car damage doesn’t always come from something that is actively in front of you, like hitting another car or scraping it against a wall. Damage can come from just about anything and pretty much anywhere, from the deepest woods to the most modern and well-furnished garage.

Regardless of where you are and what vehicle you have, a car protection cover will always come in handy. And these external dangers are a dime a dozen, varied in the extent of which they damage the vehicle and also how.

Unwelcome heat

If you live in an area of the world that sees a lot of sun, then you know what it’s like to get into a car that’s been baking outside for hours. It’s hard to do anything, much less drive it.

You can always turn on the AC to air it out and make it cool, but the damage the sun can do to your car goes beyond giving you discomfort. Left outside long enough, and the sun’s powerful summer rays can melt pretty much anything inside and even if they don’t melt it outright, they can still cause a lot of damage in the future by weakening certain plastic or leather components of the interior.

And what about the outside? You’ve probably seen all those photos of cars in Arizona practically melting because the sun’s rays were magnified by a neighboring building and strengthened, being able to melt the plastic off the headlights, as well as the bumpers and fenders in parts.

If you want to avoid any kind of solar damage from reaching your car, think about investing in a sun shield or if you’re just looking to protect the interior, a reflective windshield cover should also do the trick.

Hazardous moisture

The problem with moisture is that one way or another, we have to expect and accept the fact that it’s going to cause at least some damage to our vehicles. Whether it’s through the moisture in the air or just rain, water always finds its way onto the surface of our cars and enough of it can cause extensive damage.

Now yes: a few decades ago, if not more, when the chemical engineering behind modern-day car paint wasn’t there yet, vehicles were a lot more vulnerable to paint chipping and rusting. Nowadays, with all those extra layers of paint and coats, we can drive through the rain with much greater confidence. But this doesn’t mean that modern cars are waterproof.

There is still a lot of potential damage that can come from exposing the car to moisture for extended periods. This damage can be both internal and external and it most certainly will not only cost you a lot of time and money to repair, but some damage may even be irreversible, asking you to replace entire parts.

A simple waterproof car cover should do the trick, keeping excess moisture off the car’s surface, preventing any damage from the accumulated water.

Just when you think it’s safe…

…it’s not. Even in your garage, which may be state-of-the-art, with all the technological comforts you can think of, your car can still be damaged. Unless you have an airtight garage with constantly filtered air, dust will find its way onto and worst of all, into your car, getting into the inner workings and mechanisms.

It will get into the piping, wiring, especially the filtration units, where it can clog up. Cleaning it up, while not that big of a hassle for the mechanic, isn’t something you want to be doing monthly, especially if it’s a collectible that you don’t want to drive.

Instead, a simple indoor car cover can prevent dust buildup on the outside and inside of your vehicle, preventing the potential damage that it can cause and ensuring your car’s safety inside the garage, even if you have to keep it there for a very long time.

It’s a small, yet effective purchase, that will reward you in the long-run, saving you the effort of constant maintenance.