Zanardi showing signs of improvement

Alexander Trienitz/Motorsport Images

Zanardi showing signs of improvement


Zanardi showing signs of improvement


Alex Zanardi has been showing signs of “significant clinical improvements” and has been moved to semi-intensive care, according to the latest update released by the hospital where he has been receiving treatment from a serious handbike accident two months ago.

The two-time CART champion and multiple Paralympic medalist suffered severe head and facial injuries when he collided with a truck during a handbike race near Siena in June. He has since undergone several surgical procedures and moved between a number of medical institutions, which briefly included a discharge to a rehabilitation center before his condition deteriorated and necessitated a return to intensive car.

According to the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the 53-year-old is again showing signs of progress.

“After a period during which he was subjected to intensive care following hospitalization on 24 July, the patient responded with significant clinical improvements,” it said. “For this reason, he is currently assisted and treated with semi-intensive care at the Neuroreanimation Unit, directed by Professor Luigi Beretta.”