Ferrari confirms appeal of Racing Point decision

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Ferrari confirms appeal of Racing Point decision

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Ferrari confirms appeal of Racing Point decision


Ferrari has confirmed its intention to appeal against the decision allowing Racing Point to continue using its contentious brake ducts this season.

Renault officially protested Racing Point at the second race of the season regarding the legality of the team’s brake ducts, claiming them to not be Racing Point’s own design but in fact that of Mercedes from last year. The stewards upheld the decision and deducted 15 points from Racing Point’s constructors’ championship total as well as fining the team nearly half a million dollars, with the punishment intended to cover the whole design process and therefore requiring no follow-up.

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That means Racing Point is clear to use the brake ducts for the rest of the season because they conform to the technical regulations even if the stewards were unhappy with how they were designed. A number of teams have taken issue with the decision, with Ferrari being joined by Renault, McLaren and Williams in submitting a notice to appeal, while  Racing Point similarly confirmed it would challenge the ruling.

Teams had 96 hours to confirm their appeal or withdraw the notice – giving them until Wednesday morning – and Ferrari has now confirmed it is pushing ahead with an appeal against both the decision from last week, and Sunday’s stewards’ decision that led to Racing Point being reprimanded for using the brake ducts again. The original decision ahead of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix made clear the team would be reprimanded every time it used the parts in question, but there is no penalty for accumulating team reprimands.

When contacted by RACER, Racing Point says it is not in a position to share any further information yet, while Williams has also yet to confirm or withdraw its appeal.