PRI Show set to go ahead as planned, Meyer says

PRI Show set to go ahead as planned, Meyer says


PRI Show set to go ahead as planned, Meyer says


While the Specialty Equipment Market Association has called off its SEMA Show, the president of the Performance Racing Industry trade group says plans are going ahead for its PRI Show  as scheduled in December.

“I have been attending the PRI Show for over 20 years, but there has never been a year like this,” admitted PRI President Dr. Jamie Meyer (pictured above). “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit all aspects of American life, including the racing industry. Above all, I want you to know that we will do what is right for the industry.

“To be clear, at this moment, the 2020 PRI Trade Show will be held at the Indiana Convention Center on December 10-12 as scheduled. We have over 940 exhibitors who have registered in anticipation of displaying their racing products. We are working closely with the Visit Indy team, the Indiana Convention Center staff, and other Indianapolis officials including the Office of the Mayor of Indianapolis to ensure that we can offer you a safe and productive Trade Show.”

Dr. Meyer said that the organization continues to work with local officials to ensure compliance with all COVID-related safety protocols.

“Currently, the city of Indianapolis is at Stage 4.5 (out of 5) through August 27. What this means to PRI is that we could not hold an event larger than 250 people without approval of the Marion County Public Health Department. Fortunately, the Visit Indy team has already had great success gaining this approval for events that are being held at the Indiana Convention Center right now. This includes several weekend high school basketball tournaments with over 7,000 people in attendance. These events have been held with sensible safety measures in place, and with no outbreaks of COVID-19 reported. In addition, the entire city of Indianapolis (hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, and many more) is looking forward to, and preparing for, the PRI Trade Show.”

While acknowledging that its safety plan must be approved by the Marion County Public Health Department, Meyer is confident that the established protocols will be sufficient to allow the show to go ahead.

“The PRI safety plan will include the use of what are now regularly accepted health precautions like wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, going through a health screening, and social distancing throughout the event,” he noted. “This assumes that Indianapolis stays at Stage 4.5, and, as we all know, these safety guidelines can be changed at any time to adjust to changes in COVID-19 cases.

“I liken these safety guidelines to the rules of any racing sanctioning body. You are required to wear safety equipment as part of normal precautions to competing in your race car. You will be asked to follow similar safety guidelines and wear safety equipment to participate in the 2020 PRI Trade Show.”