Pandemic Survey: Two-track mind

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Pandemic Survey: Two-track mind


Pandemic Survey: Two-track mind


The latest survey of RACER readers about their thoughts on motorsport amid the pandemic has revealed the emergence of two distinct sentiments. One is a sense of positivity, likely stemming from the fact that TV screens on the weekend are once more carrying live broadcasts of most every form of racing. The other reflects a hardening acceptance that the regular order of things like they were before the pandemic is a long way off, and not likely to change soon.

Conducted from July 23 to 26, the total number of respondents tallied 1,998.

With every major series now back at full throttle, those saying that they are enjoying motorsports as much as ever has climbed nearly 20 percentage points to a survey-high 73.8%. Also making a near 20-point gain is the group stating that they feel the sanctioning bodies have handled the return to racing appropriately at 72%.

The headline question, “Has the lack of spectators at races affected your viewing enjoyment?” resoundingly returned a “no not at all,” or “not really” with three-quarters saying so.

Those feel-good stats contrasted with the 80% who feel that racing is unlikely to return to pre-pandemic normal this season, spiking 31 points.

When it comes to event attendance, the likelihood of seeing full grandstands anytime soon is unlikely.

Now, over 66% of respondents say that events should take place only with limited spectators – an increase of nearly 18 points and a survey high. Correspondingly only 11% now say that events should take place with full spectators down from over 30% who said so on June 10.

Finally, on May 26, some 62% said they would definitely attend an event as soon as they were able to, but now only 29% would do so. In fact, those who say they might attend if they feel it safe and those who say they doubt they would attend an event have all coalesced around the 27% mark. The majority of respondents still say that they type of venue, whether a reserved seat or open seating style, would have no bearing on their decision to go or not.

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