The Week In IndyCar, July 29, Listener Q&A

Image via Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Week In IndyCar, July 29, Listener Q&A


The Week In IndyCar, July 29, Listener Q&A


Pictured above: Randy Lewis

It’s another packed episode of The Week In IndyCar Listener Q&A show, all driven by questions submitted via social media.

A sampling of the items posed this week (Q&A begins at the 22m00s mark in the episode):

  • “Of the drivers you’ve seen throughout the years, (which one) made the best use of their sponsorship airtime for being slow? I use Jay Hill from the ’92 Detroit race as an example: While off pace, his Coke-sponsored car would appear in the background and foreground on TV cameras, finishing a serviceable 13th in his only career start.”
  • “With Portland and Laguna cancelled, there will now be five races as well as Indy 500 qualifying and practice in 22 days in August. Given the likelihood of high temperatures at most races, is this asking too much of drivers and mechanics just to get a meaningful season done?”
  • “Why, instead of doing doubleheaders of WWT and Mid-Ohio after the cancellation of the West Coast races, couldn’t IndyCar visit a couple ovals that NASCAR has, like Kansas or Kentucky, just for a change of pace? I do enjoy Mid-Ohio and WWT; I just feel like this would be a decent time to experiment.”