Baja champ Ampudia's Trophy-Truck 'urban assault' video

Baja champ Ampudia's Trophy-Truck 'urban assault' video

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Baja champ Ampudia's Trophy-Truck 'urban assault' video


With no major Baja off-road races yet held in 2020, it looks like some of the sport’s biggest stars are working on new ways to satisfy both fans and sponsors.

2019 SCORE Baja 1000 champion Alan Ampudia is no exception. Taking a page from fellow Toyo Tires athlete B.J. Baldwin and his highly popular “Recoil” series of online content, Ampudia’s new film short is a visual and auditory treat for those starved for extreme off (and on) road action.

Entitled “AMPD,” it was filmed in January of 2020 and features 10-time Grammy winner Lil Jon. The simple story revolves around the Baja champion giving the famed rapper a ride home, from Ensenada’s exclusive seaside Casa Natalie to the Ampudia family’s downtown Papa’s & Beer night club.

Of course, their ride of choice is Ampudia’s bright pink two-wheel drive Trophy-Truck. Ensenada’s unique hillside geography serves as a challenging backdrop to some Toyo-smoking drifts, jumps and motorized mayhem.

Clearly, Ampudia’s skill behind the wheel of a modern unlimited race truck is the real highlight here – as is Lil Jon’s overall impression: “Just crazy. I got a different respect for all of you ***** now that I’ve ridden in the car. Y’all all do this for a whole day?”

Watch on a big monitor with the sound turned up – a perfect high-octane distraction from today’s news cycles.