Designer/engineer Ricardo Divila dies at 74

Ercole Colombo/Motorsports Images

Designer/engineer Ricardo Divila dies at 74


Designer/engineer Ricardo Divila dies at 74


Brazilian racing designer Ricardo Divila has died at the age of 74. Although he first gained international prominence as the designer of the early Copersucar Fittipaldi Formula 1 cars of the 1970s and ’80s, Divila (pictured at right, above, in 1982) had a widely varied and accomplished body of work as a designer and engineer, ranging from Champ Car/IndyCar and and Formula 3000 to sports and touring cars and even the Paris-Dakar rally raid.

After the closure of the Copersucar program, Divila worked with Ligier in F1 before moving into other motorsports categories in the course of a lengthy career covering six decades, including stints with Champ Car and IndyCar teams. More recently, Divila worked on a variety of Nissan-affiliated programs from GT4 to LMP1 , and claimed championship honors in LMP2 with Greaves Motorsport. He also had a successful stint with RJN Motorsport’s Nissan GT3 program.

In addition to his racing work, Divila had a prominent presence on social media and offered motorsports engineering insights as a journalist.

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