AJR Restorations emerges from former Alex Job Racing team

Image by Dole/LAT

AJR Restorations emerges from former Alex Job Racing team


AJR Restorations emerges from former Alex Job Racing team


Alex Job Racing, which wound down its sportscar racing efforts at the end of the 2017 season, has reinvented itself as AJR Restorations.

“Since we stopped racing three years ago, we have kept the shop and a group of dedicated employees led by Ken Davison working on restoring historic Porsche race cars,” said Alex Job. “We wanted to find a way to keep that aspect of the business going, and, thanks to Theo Ruijgh, that will happen.

“Theo, along with Ken, has taken ownership to keep the restoration business going as AJR Restorations. I will no longer be involved in the day-to-day operation, I will keep my office at the shop, but will also be traveling the U.S., visiting racetracks and helping to keep the shop busy.”

Over nearly three decades, the privateer team founded by Alex and Holly Job grew into a full factory-supported Porsche team, claiming 70 sports car wins, including two Rolex 24 at Daytona class wins (1999, 2013), two Le Mans 24 Hour class wins (’03, ’05), and 10 Sebring 12 Hour class wins (’95, ’99, ’01-’04, ’10, ’12-’13, and 15).

In addition, AJR swept the Sebring GTC podium, finishing first through third, in 2010. It was inducted into the Sebring Hall of fame in 2016.

New co-owner of AJR Restorations Theo Ruijgh is well versed in performance. An accomplished vintage Porsche racer, he is president of TRI Aviation (Clearwater, Fla.) which specializes in servicing the T56 military engine that powers the C-130 military airplane.

“I am proud to carry on the legacy of quality craftsmanship with Ken that Alex and Holly have built up over the years,” said Ruijgh. “We have a full-service shop here in Tavares (as well as) the ability and passion to restore race cars to better-than-new condition. AJR Restorations is committed to keeping the past alive with the same attention to detail that (led to) those 70 sports car wins.