Binotto: Ferrari opted against DAS due to legality concerns

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Binotto: Ferrari opted against DAS due to legality concerns

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Binotto: Ferrari opted against DAS due to legality concerns


Mattia Binotto claims Ferrari opted against pursuing a similar concept to the Mercedes Dual Axis Steering (DAS) in part because it presumed the system would not be legal.

Mercedes revealed the innovative steering system during the first pre-season test in Barcelona. The team kept the FIA informed throughout its development and is confident in its legality, and while Binotto said last week that Ferrari had never run such a system, he has since admitted that it had been considered but dismissed.

“The DAS system is something we considered in the past but we didn’t design and develop,” Binotto said. “The reason, first, is merely a legality matter, which we didn’t clarify with the FIA at the time. Second, we believe it is not worthwhile for our car and our car concept. We are looking at what the others doing. At the moment it is really a question mark. I’m not sure we will develop it.

“I think it is difficult for us to judge (it’s legality). We don’t know their system, but I’m pretty sure the FIA will make the right judgement.”

Binotto also dismissed Mercedes’ suggestions that it had its power unit turned down during the first test, adding: “This seems to be very much what we are doing, but it’s not correct.”

However, the Ferrari team principal said he has no concerns over the lack of headline lap times at present, explaining the approach that the team took over the first four days of testing so far.

“I think we’re really focused on ourselves, trying to understand the car, to correlate the data with all the data we have got back home – wind tunnel data and simulations,” he said. “So the first week of testing last week was really focused on that – car understanding and mapping.

“This week will be a bit different. Today we are starting work on the set-up, try to optimize it, and certainly for the rest of the week we will try to push more for performance just to see where we are.”