Midwest COR tackles some tough issues with new rulebook

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Midwest COR tackles some tough issues with new rulebook

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Midwest COR tackles some tough issues with new rulebook


Today another piece of the puzzle for the new Championship Off-Road (COR) series for Midwest-based short-course off-road racing fell into place with the release of its new 2020 Official Rule Book.

More than a mere rehash of existing short-course regulations, COR Series Director Frank DeAngelo and Tech Director Bill Savage spent a great deal of time examining the current state of the sport, taking special account of today’s financial and technical environment. The result is a 239-page rulebook covering the upcoming year for the Minneapolis-based organization and its inaugural, five-weekend, 10-race season.

Perhaps the most anticipated question for 2020 concerned the continued use of special (read: expensive) “project” tires for the sport’s premiere Pro 4 category. Wishing to expand the playing field for companies outside of BFGoodrich and Maxxis, for the first time in over 20 years COR has mandated the use of production, D.O.T-approved tires for all its Pro categories.

“We took our time with these rules and think the packages we have put forward will be very beneficial to the sport of off-road in the Midwest” explained DeAngelo. “The decision to only allow D.O.T. tires in all Pro classes was a long process, but it is what was needed to be done to keep the future of our sport healthy. This aligns with the direction we believe the sport needs to be successful for all involved for years to come.”

Taking a page from both IMSA and the Red Bull Crandon World Cup, in 2020 COR is also engaging in a “Balance of Performance” mindset designed to “allow for all Pro race trucks built that meet various specs, from the different and/or past series’ to race together.” The group also took a more conservative approach to the sport’s undulating regulations in the rapidly expanding UTV categories, with minimal rules adjustements for now.

“After consulting with racers, teams, and off-road experts, we have landed on a rulebook that we believe will deliver the best racing, a level playing field, and a more affordable off-road series,” expressed ISOC President Carl Schubitzke. “After hearing from these individuals, and working alongside Frank and Bill, we knew there would be tough decisions that needed to be made. We believe the direction this rulebook is heading is what will be best for the racers and off-road industry as a whole.”

Link to Rulebook HERE.

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