Super License points confirmed for W Series

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Super License points confirmed for W Series

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Super License points confirmed for W Series


The top eight drivers in the W Series championship will receive FIA Super License points this season, with the winner picking up 15 points.

Drivers in the all-female W Series did not pick up Super License points in its inaugural season last year, but the FIA has moved to recognize the category as part of the motorsports ladder and a potential path to Formula 1.

The allocation puts the W Series on the same level as the NASCAR Cup Series and Indy Lights, with 15 points available to the winner of the championship, 12 points to second place, 10 to third, seven for finishing fourth, five for fifth and then three, two and one points for sixth, seventh and eighth respectively.

“We’re delighted that the FIA has made the decision to award Super License points to W Series’ most successful drivers from the 2020 season onwards, thereby adding to the importance of W Series as a ‘feeder’ series for female drivers who aspire to race in more senior championships,” W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir said.

“Indeed, now that the first eight in the W Series championship will accrue Super License points, W Series has become an even more important rung on the motorsport ladder for female drivers whose ambition is to race and one day beat male drivers in the FIA Formula 3 Championship, which is logically the next rung on the ladder for them, and beyond.”

As Super License points were not on offer in the first season, champion Jamie Chadwick is able to return to defend her title this year. However, the champion will not be able to stay in the category for a second consecutive season from 2020 onwards.

W Series recently confirmed its final two rounds of the second season will be support races on the F1 calendar in both the USA and Mexico.