Tom Long: How to make it in motorsports

Tom Long: How to make it in motorsports

Mazda Motorsports

Tom Long: How to make it in motorsports


While on-track performance is always important in today’s motorsport environment, there are other facets that are equally important, like the business component of racing. The latter is often the differentiator for the very talented racer.

Without the business aspect, many motorsport opportunities would never come to fruition. Manufacturers and sponsors justify their motorsport expenditure by the marketing and partnership opportunities that the sport creates.

As a driver, the business of motorsport is vital. Creating alliances with a manufacturer or company can provide opportunities to further your career. Personally, the relationship that I’ve been fortunate enough to have with Mazda has provided me with vast opportunities, whether they are in the driver’s seat or just within the racing scene in general.

Understanding what you can do when you’re not in the driver’s seat can have as much of an impact on your career as what you can do when you’re in the car! Don’t get me wrong: training and being the best driver you can be is paramount, but cultivating the relationships and providing value for your partners is what will keep you in the driver’s seat.

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