New Trans Am SGT spec chassis revealed at PRI show

New Trans Am SGT spec chassis revealed at PRI show

Trans Am

New Trans Am SGT spec chassis revealed at PRI show


Ligier Automotive has revealed a new spec chassis and spec engine for the SGT class, making the Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli easier and more affordable to enter. The Ligier JS2 R will run in the expanding SGT class alongside Lamborghinis, Porsches, Fords and Chevrolets.

“Since Trans Am first launched the initiative to grow the category to include production-based race cars, we’ve seen fantastic growth in our SGT class and anticipate that to continue,” said Trans Am Company President John Clagett. “SGT seems to have struck a positive chord with a lot of racers, as there is a wide range of eligible cars that can race with Trans Am now. Having Ligier join that group is yet another great option for our drivers and teams to consider, and we are thrilled/excited to continue to grow this part of the Trans Am paddock”.

“We are excited to bring this latest Ligier GT car to North America and the Trans-Am series,”, said Max Crawford, president of Ligier Automotive North America. “We are confident the Ligier JS2 R will be a strong performer in the SGT class. If you want to showcase your brand, you race in Trans Am. We can’t wait to see our Ligier JS2 R in action in 2020.”

First unveiled on in October 2018 at the Paris Motor Show, the Ligier JS2 R has raced this year in the Ligier JS Cup France, the French single-make series dedicated to the car. In 2019, 27 Ligier JS2 Rs on average battled throughout the seven rounds of this series and at least 30 cars are expected for the second season in 2020.

The Ligier JS2 R has also competed in the Ultimate Cup Series and the Trophée Tourisme Endurance. It also tackled its first 24-hour race in the 24 Hours of Barcelona this in August 2019.

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