Carey expects Miami GP decision during off-season


Carey expects Miami GP decision during off-season

Formula 1

Carey expects Miami GP decision during off-season


A decision over the potential Miami Grand Prix should be made during the winter months, according to Formula 1 chairman and CEO Chase Carey.

An agreement is in place between F1 and the race organizers to hold a grand prix around Hard Rock Stadium, but is facing local opposition. While the contract has yet to be approved by the relevant authorities, Carey is hopeful progress will be made and a final decision announced over the coming months, while the sport also explores other options in the United States.

“Miami, first, we’re really down to a political (situation),” Carey said. “I think there’s aspects of it that are pretty well finalized. It’s a local political arena, divided views, we have to work our way through, I think it’ll get worked through pretty quickly as they’ve had a series of meetings.

“We’re optimistic but we don’t want to handicap local politics so I think it’ll be determined in the short term, the next month plus. However that gets resolved. we’re engaged in other opportunities in the U.S. — and that’s not a negative statement about Miami, but we’ll see (if) we’re really in the final stages of getting it over the line or not.

“We wouldn’t really be commenting on Miami if the public stuff hadn’t become public. We‘re not going to comment on speculation; we’re engaged in a range of places. We have the luxury today that demands exceed the supply, I think I’ve said before. We’re engaged in every habitable continent in the world, in a serious discussion.

“We wouldn’t handicap those, we view discussions as private until we had a deal, Vietnam and Zandvoort we didn’t say anything until we had a deal and announced we’re racing, and Miami because it had a public access to the process it became public while we’re still trying to work through things.”

Although he is uncertain over Miami’s future, Carey believes the race would become an iconic one on the F1 calendar if a deal can be approved.

“Whether it happens or not I think Miami would be a great race — we’d have a great track, a great location for our sport. We’ve said before we want to be in cities that capture the world’s imagination. Miami certainly would be among a handful at the top of any list among other cities.

“If it comes together I think it’ll be a great event. If it doesn’t we’ll move to other locations, but we think it’ll be a great added dimension to all our fans, not just American fans. I think Miami would be the type of race that really defines Formula 1.”