Tire Rack Street Survival teen-driving program works

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Tire Rack Street Survival teen-driving program works

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Tire Rack Street Survival teen-driving program works


Ruth Huebner’s cell phone was ringing. It was her 20-year-old son, Trevor, calling, which was strange because he had just left home on his way the start of classes at Rutgers. “I’m calling to thank you, Mom,” Trevor said. When she asked what for, he replied: “For the driving course you made me take four years ago.”

Trevor was in his Honda Civic behind a large van on the highway and they had just passed a semi-trailer truck that was traveling in the right lane. Suddenly, the van swerved left and ran off the road toward a guardrail. Trevor was left staring at the left lane traffic at a full stop in front of him. With the right lane clear and aware of the semi not far behind, Trevor made a split-second dodge into the right lane in front of the truck while maintaining his speed and control.

Four years prior, she had enrolled the new teen driver in the Tire Rack Street Survival course hosted by Philadelphia Region of SCCA in Blue Bell, Pa. Years later, the driving exercises he practiced enabled Trevor to maintain control while avoiding a sure accident in hitting the stopped cars in front of him or getting smashed into by the approaching truck.
“He said it was exactly the kind of split-second lane change he had been directed to practice in the course,” explained Ruth.

As of this writing, SCCA Regions have already hosted more than 50 Tire Rack Street Survival schools in 2019, eclipsing the prior year’s record of 45 schools. Much of this success is attributable to the great work of the SCCA Foundation’s Street Survival Coordinator, Scott Dobler, who has done amazing work in recruiting new SCCA Regions to host schools, and supporting Regions who have done so for years. The SCCA Foundation is able to fund Scott’s efforts and support the Region programs thanks to the generosity of the donors who contribute through our several fundraisers every year. Speaking of fundraisers, the Foundation has an important update…

The SCCA Foundation is announcing a winter sweepstakes with the winner to be drawn at the 2020 SCCA National Convention, thanks to an incredible prize donated in support of the Foundation’s programs. The lucky donor and three guests will receive a tour of Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage in Burbank, Calif., along with $4,000 in cash for travel expenses. Not open to the public, Leno’s Big Dog Garage can only be visited through private invitation. The collection includes more than 250 cars and motorcycles. Depending on scheduling, Leno will greet the winners and pose for photographs with the collection. More information is available at www.WinVIPGarageTour.org.

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