Construction advancing on Zandvoort’s new banked corners

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Construction advancing on Zandvoort’s new banked corners

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Construction advancing on Zandvoort’s new banked corners


Zandvoort’s new banked corners are taking shape as construction work continues to adapt the circuit for next year’s returning Dutch Grand Prix.

The first race of the European season next year will be held at the Dutch track, with a grand prix taking place in the Netherlands for the first time since 1985. In order to bring the circuit up to F1 standards a number of changes are being made, including the reprofiling of both the final corner and Turn 4 — Hugenholtz — to feature steep banking.

“With these modifications, Circuit Zandvoort becomes the most demanding and most beautiful circuit in Europe, perhaps even in the world,” Dutch Grand Prix sporting director Jan Lammers said. “Coming from Zandvoort myself, but also as a motorsport fan, that is making me quite proud.”

The work on the final corner is also intended to increase overtaking opportunities into Turn 1 — Tarzan — on what is a notoriously narrow circuit. Other circuit modifications taking place include an expanded paddock area and the incorporation of access tunnels and new gravel run-off areas.

Work on the track is expected to be completed in the next three months, with the race being held on May 3 next year.